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MetaTrader 4 provides the built-in social trading service - Trading Signals. Using this service, you can copy deals of other traders directly in your terminal. All you need to do is to choose a Signals Provider and subscribe to his or her signals. After that, all deals will be automatically copied on your trading account.

Any MetaTrader 4 user can take advantage of trading signals. Select a signal from the list, evaluate its trading parameters and subscribe to it if you are satisfied. By the way, many Providers offer their signals for free. If you are interested in a paid signal, you can also subscribe to it easily.


An important feature of social trading in MetaTrader 4 is the complete absence of tedious paperwork. You liked the signal? Then subscribe to it right now. There are no contracts, no correspondence, no negotiations with the Signals Provider or someone else. Everything is done in a few mouse clicks directly in the trading platform.


In addition to subscription, each MetaTrader 4 user can also become a Signals Provider and distribute trading signals. For security reasons, such users should register as Providers on, submit their actual personal data and pass the one-month signal test. After passing the test, the signal becomes available to all users and any trader can subscribe to it.

Advantages of social trading in MetaTrader 4

  • It is a simple and ready-made solution. Subscription is performed in a few clicks. All deals are copied automatically without trader's intervention. Signals Providers will also be able to start easily – it will take less than a minute to add a signal to the base and set a subscription fee.
  • High security for all participants. Careful selection is performed among Signals Providers – they work in a test mode within a month. If the test is passed, they can offer their signals on
  • The rate of subscription to signals. No agreements between Subscribers and Signals Providers are required to subscribe to a signal or place it on the website. Signals Providers put their products up for sale while Subscribers choose the most suitable ones. That's all. There is no excessive bureaucracy. There is no tedious work with bunches of papers – all processes are performed strictly inside the system avoiding any kind of paperwork.
  • Signal subscription can be purchased easily. If you are interested in any signal available for a paid subscription, you can subscribe to it without difficulty. Multiple payment systems supported by greatly simplify the process. WebMoney, PayPal, QIWI, bank card or transfer - you can choose any method you like!
  • No commission. Signals service does not charge commission from the Subscriber's traded volume.
  • Access to the largest market. Signals Providers gain access to all MetaTrader 4 users. Any trader using the trading platform in everyday work can see all available signals in the terminal and quickly subscribe to any of them.

Subsribe to a Signal in MetaTrader 4.

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